Drinker is the recording project of singer / songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer / composer Ariel Loh. They started working together in the fall of 2016, shortly after they left their former bands. Ariel had just scored The Eyes Of My Mother, a horror film whose premiere at Sundance and following national release was turning heads. The ambient, analog soundscapes felt like the perfect atmosphere for the songs Aaron was writing. A point was made to explore minimal arrangements while pushing the music into different territories, all the while embracing the unexpected. The forthcoming Happy Accident EP was the result of 2 months of collaborating in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens.

Aaron has since moved to LA and is bringing the songs to the stage with a band. Meanwhile, their creative collaboration continues bi-coastally with new material always brewing.


Which Way Is South (Single)
April 27th, 2017